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dominodominates asked:

So if Mouth Silence takes place pre-All Star, what about California Gurls? And Chop Suey? And What Does the Fox Say? Didn't those come out after May 4, 1999?


Mouth Silence takes place on May the 3rd, 1999, in a universe in which All Star does not exist.

There is a neighboring universe in which only All Star exists.

Music is able to fluidly cross time barriers.

The more powerful the music, the greater its ability to traverse time.

The power of All Star is so great that it destroyed all other music in its universe.

The power of All Star is so great that on May the 4th of 1999, it authors itself into the Non-Star universe.

Mouth Sounds takes place on that date.

Only Rob Thomas and his friend Carlos Santana know the truth.

we paradox space now

16 Pokémon That Should Be Related

1-2. Pachirisu & Emolga

Pachirisu, one of Pikachu’s electric-type rodent cousins, is an electric squirrel. What’s the natural evolution of an electric squirrel? An electric *flying* squirrel, of course! And come Gen 5, that’s exactly what we got in Emolga. Our new squirrelly friend has the same eyes, mouth, and yellow cheeks as Pachirisu, yet for whatever reason, it’s a completely unrelated species.

3-4. Luvdisc & Alomomola

Luvdisc is a gimmick Pokémon that once seemed to exist solely to hold Heart Scales, the items given to a Move Relearner to allow a Pokémon to learn any move it could have at a lower level. Luvdisc’s stats are lackluster and its design isn’t the most original: essentially a pink heart with an eye on it. But that’s not to say it could never become competitively viable with a stronger, more versatile evolution. For a time, it seemed like that’s what we were getting with Alomomola, a bigger pink heart-shaped fish with wing-like fins and yellow eyes. As it turns out, Alomomola’s stats were significantly better than Luvdisc’s, but the two creatures were unrelated, leaving Luvdisc in the dust once more.

5-6. Tauros & Bouffalant

Possibly the loosest connection in this list, when Bouffalant was first shown, my mind immediately went to the other Normal-type bull Pokémon, Tauros, and affectionately nicknamed the new ‘mon “Afro Tauros”. To me, the main change in the design from Tauros was the addition of that furry afro and bigger horns. But like the others, it turned out to be yet *another* single-stage Normal-type Pokémon, which is just what everyone was asking for.

7-8. Heracross & Karrablast

Look at Karrablast and tell me with a straight face it doesn’t look like a miniature Heracross. Similar yellow eyes, a plated front, and a horn that resembles an ungrown Heracross horn. Baby Heracross would have been a cool thing to see, but as it turned out, its true evolution is Escavalier. Doesn’t stop me from thinking of what could have been…

9-14. The Musketeer Trio & The Legendary Beasts

A triplet (or quartet, counting Keldeo) of roaming quadrupeds, each representing a different element of nature. These guys can’t help but call to mind Johto’s legendary dogs (or cats, or beasts, depending on what you see them as). There’s a legend about their past actions, and Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion have the same heights as Entei, Suicune, and Raikou, respectively. Doesn’t it seem like these mythical creatures could be part of the same group as the former trio? I definitely believe so.

15-16. Dedenne & Pikachu (or Raichu)

Okay, we’ve seen it before. Plusle and Minun looked like Pichu with symbols on their cheeks, and Pachirisu and Emolga both seem like distant cousins of the prolific mascot. But when you see Dedenne, it puts those similarities to shame and makes some think that they aren’t even trying anymore. With the same coloration as Raichu and Pikachu’s red cheeks, and a similar body type and eyes, it’s hard not to see the striking resemblances to the Pikachu line. The spiky tail, antenna whiskers, and rounded ears set it apart, but it surely seems Dedenne must be part of the same genus as the ‘chu line, if not part of the same species. I think Dedenne’s height is the only thing preventing it from being an alternate evolution of Pikachu, and perhaps that’s what the designers were going for at first. In any case, this Electric/Fairy-type is likely to appeal to many fans of Pikachu and other electric rodents.

Got any others? Uh…are comments a thing on Tumblr? They’re not, right? Oh well…

Another of my favorite tracks. It sounds like the ending theme of a game or anime, where everything is made right. Something happened and the world descended into darkness, but now all the evil is being cleared away and the world, purified. I’m crying just thinking about how beautiful a scene like that would be with this music. q_q

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